Updates from Birmingham and Deltona

Here are a couple updates we sent out in our first newsletter. We’ve been traveling quite a bit as we start this process and we’re excited to share about our two most recent trips to Alabama and Florida.

District Conference

We are honored to be a part of the Southern District, and we were privileged to spend three days with our brothers and sisters last week at District Conference. We were blown away by the opportunity to be introduced to our district as missionaries and overwhelmed by the response and encouragement received from so many. Lauren also had the chance to take a few minutes and share with the ladies at the Great Commission Women’s luncheon. It was a first-time experience for us as we had never attended a conference together and we cherished the opportunity to be there as a couple.

SEEK Conference

We had an encouraging weekend at the SEEK Conference in Deltona, Florida. We had the opportunity to hear from John Stumbo, President of the C&MA; Tim Crouch, VP of International Ministries; and Sunder Krishnan – all of whom brought powerful messages on the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives and throughout our denomination’s international ministries. We also had wonderful times of worship and fellowship with new friends from our C&MA family.

A couple of our favorite moments:

“Do you think about the fact that you take the Holy Spirit to work with you on Monday? They don’t go to church—you are the church. You go to them and you take the Holy Spirit with you.” —Sunder Krishnan

“I refuse to believe God cannot do here what He is doing in India or China… I will not go home. God did not call me here to be a failure. He will take care of me and we will triumph.” —Rev. J.D.R. Allison


  • An encouraging and enjoyable time at District Conference.
  • The opportunity to attend the Holy Spirit focused SEEK Conference.
  • God’s demonstration of His provision for us through many different experiences.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for safety as we continue to travel over the coming week.
  • Pray for wisdom in the decisions we have to make now and in the coming months.
  • Pray that God would lead and direct us as we begin to process the transition into a model of support based living.