Partner With Us

We cannot make it to Japan alone. Our reliance is on the Lord—that He will provide people who wish to partner in this ministry through prayer and financial giving.

Prayer Partners

We believe that prayer is the single most critical aspect of ministry. From the beginning to the very end, our desire is to be a part of a team saturating the work God is doing in Japan in prayer. Would you be willing to partner with us in praying for those in Japan seeking hope, that they would find it through Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior?

120 people

Financial Partners

Japan is an expensive country to live in. Jonathan will continue to work part-time with his current company, but we will need help to meet our daily living needs. In order to go, we need a team committed to partnering with us through monthly financial giving to help see the Good News shared in Japan — would you partner with us?


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The Great Commission Fund

For churches interesting in partnering through the C&MA’s Great Commission Fund, please contact us for more information.