It’s been a while – Tokyo 2020

It’s been a little white and we’re excited to start catching up! Thank you for being a part of our journey as we seek to join in God’s work being done in Japan!

It’s been a while

You may, or may not, have noticed that it’s been a little bit since our last email. Life has been busy at the Briehl house (one of the reasons we haven’t gotten an email out).

The boys finished school at the end of May. We were so grateful for their opportunity to attend Ashley Academy this year. They both loved their teachers, classmates and school in general.

We have also had the opportunity to travel to a few churches in our district and share about the ministry in Japan. We were warmly welcomed at North River Church (Hixson, TN), Birmingham International (Birmingham, AL), Johnson City Alliance (Johnson City, TN) and our home church. To those of you that housed us, welcomed us, talked with us and prayed with us — thank you! We have so enjoyed these opportunities and look forward to seeing and connecting with you again.

Tokyo 2020

If you haven’t yet seen the title, “Tokyo 2020,” you will. The next summer Olympics begin July 24, 2020 in Tokyo. We’re hoping to piggy-back on that title as we are praying we are able to move to Tokyo in January 2020. It’s a decision and a goal we’ve set after a great deal of prayer and discussion.

We still have a long way to go in order to reach our January 2020 departure date. We are praying for others who would partner with us through prayer and monthly support in order to join our Alliance workers in Japan to show and share the love of Jesus Christ.

Upcoming Schedule

We are so grateful for the opportunity to attend the Christian & Missionary Alliance General Council at the end of May. We’ll share a little more about our experience there in a future newsletter.

Here’s a bit of what we have coming up.

  • July 1 — getting an early start to our homeschooling year.
  • July 9 — Jonathan going to LIFE conference with our church youth
  • July 21 — visiting Living Hope Church, Huntsville, AL
  • July 28 — Faith Community Church, Franklin, TN
  • August — house up for sale
  • August 3-12 — travel to Wisconsin (visiting Jonathan’s family and hope to visit a couple churches)
  • August 16-17 — Lauren attending ESL training in Dayton, OH
  • August 18 — visiting Crosspoint Alliance Church, Akron, OH
  • October — start Japanese visa applications
  • Early 2020 — depart for Tokyo!


  • For new ministry partners who have committed to joining with us to share the Gospel in Japan through prayer and financial giving. Through our partners, God has already provided for 30% of our monthly budget needs in Japan!
  • We have furniture in Japan! Through a contact at an Alliance mission church, we received a kitchen table, bunk beds, a desk, and other miscellaneous household items. We have been overwhelmed in witnessing how God will care for our needs.
  • New friends and connections we made at Alliance General Council.

Prayer Requests

We are so grateful for those that are praying for us. We would also like to pray for you! Please email us if there is something you’d like us to pray for — If you would pray with us:

  • Please pray that we would find our way through the partnership process as we prayerfully seek those who wish to partner with us through prayer and monthly financial giving.
  • Please pray that we would not only be good stewards of our time, but that God would give us wisdom in our time. Additional responsibilities have been hard to manage and balance. We welcome the opportunities that God is providing for us, but we also want to care for the health and wellbeing of our family.
  • Please pray for the hearts of our children. While we believe our children (at least the older two) understand why we are moving, we know it will be very difficult for them. We pray that God would already be working in them and that He would protect, strengthen and encourage them.