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Updates from Birmingham and Deltona

by Jonathan

Here are a couple updates we sent out in our first newsletter. We’ve been traveling quite a bit as we start this process and we’re excited to share about our two most recent trips to Alabama and Florida. District Conference We are honored to be a part of the Southern District, and we were privileged […]

One year later…

by Jonathan

Just over a year ago we shared a post to announce that we were officially starting the application process with Marketplace Ministries and the C&MA. One year and ten days later, through God’s grace, provision and leading, we walked into the C&MA National Office for our pre-appointment interview. A few hours later, we left appointed […]

Baby Steps, Leaps of Faith

by Jonathan

If you’ve never seen What About Bob? then let me introduce you to Bob Wiley (played by Bill Murray). Bob is an obsessive-compulsive, dependant, neurotic, psychiatric patient with an unending number of phobias including germs, tight spaces, drowning, etc, etc. The movie begins with Bob visiting a new psychiatrist named Dr. Leo Marvin (played by […]